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Three Ways to Prevent Lung Cancer

Today, lung cancer continues to headline the list of leading causes of death in many countries across the world. Fueled by the growth of lung cancer precursors like smoking and air pollution, it is not hard to picture… Read More

Recovery Process from Lung Cancer

According to a sad 2010 statistic created by the National Cancer Institute, there were more than 222,000 Americans who diagnosed with lung cancer during that respective year, and the numbers are not looking good in the present either…. Read More

Lung Cancer in Africa

Lung cancer is a real problem in Africa as it is throughout the world, as this is a developing country all medical expenses are paid for by the patient, in many cases these patients cannot afford the medication… Read More

Lung Cancer – A Worldwide Epidemic

The issue of lung cancer is highly spread throughout the world, and lung cancer is actually the most common cause of death provoked by cancer in both men and women. Sad statistics show that more than 1.3 million… Read More

Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis Awareness

Lung cancer and tuberculosis are two of the most common diseases around the world. Many people suffer from these diseases and many people die of them. So, it is important for everyone to know the causes and prevention… Read More

Lung cancer; causes and symptoms.

Lung cancer is a form of cancer which, as suggested by its name, targets the individual’s lungs. The worst thing about this form of cancer is that it can easily spread to surrounding organs such as the liver. … Read More

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a long-term respiratory disease that affects the lungs by inflaming and narrowing one’s airways. Asthma is known to be responsible for recurring wheezing periods, and it can also trigger shortness of breath, coughing, and tightness of… Read More

International Lung Cancer Prevention Measures

Lung cancer is the leading cause of deaths caused by cancer at a global level. Unfortunately, just 15% of all cases of lung cancer are usually detected at an early stage. Lung cancer spreads at a fast pace,… Read More

The Three Easiest Ways to Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer

Lung cancers are among one of the leading causes of death around the world today. The most common of all cancers is skin cancer and this is closely followed by lung cancer. There are ways to reduce your… Read More

Signs & Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the type of cancer that has caused the most deaths in cancer related illnesses. In the United States alone, lung cancer causes death more than breast and prostate cancer combined. Discovering cancer in its earlier… Read More