Lung Cancer in Africa

Lung cancer is a real problem in Africa as it is throughout the world, as this is a developing country all medical expenses are paid for by the patient, in many cases these patients cannot afford the medication and treatments required.

It has been determined that the majority of patients newly diagnosed with lung cancer in Africa are a result of smoking. Other causes include asbestos poisoning, indoor pollution, residential exposures and dusty working environments.

Like a contemporary wedding photographer York, patients need to take care to ensure that they receive the right treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. A wedding photographer needs to take care that the photographs he takes on the special day are the best; patients need to ensure the treatment they receive is the best.

Lung cancer isn’t as common in developing countries as it is in developed countries, but WHO estimates a 50% increase in lung cancer patients in the next twenty years. There were 12.7 million new cancer cases worldwide in 2010 of which 63% of that was in developing countries, such as Africa.

90% of lung cancer cases in Africa are caused by smoking, but HIV/AIDS is considered to cause lung cancer, and HIV and AIDS are very rife in the African country. It’s like auction sites when it comes to public health intervention in Africa, its luck of the draw on whether you win or not. Public health officials struggle with educating village areas on a daily basis on how to live, improving lifestyles and teaching about HIV / AIDS and smoking.

The public health intervention campaigns and stop smoking campaigns have reduced the rate of lung cancer in many African areas, but work environments and residential environments still have a large part to play. If looking for jobs near you, you want to ensure that these workplaces offer hygienic and safe working environments, in many cases the African continent don’t have these advantages, they work in dusty environments which can be a cause for lung cancer.

Helen Pastorino is the founder of a revolutionary real estate company and she surrounds herself with remarkable people on a daily basis, this improves her knowledge and understanding of her client’s needs. Hospital and health workers in Africa need to take some guidance from someone like this to improve the quality of life of patients in the nearby areas.

The facts about lung cancer in Africa:

The majority of cases are aged between 50 and 69 years old with 67% of those being men. Much like putting remodeling estimates together and taking into account your customers’ requirements, African people need to be educated on the dangers and treatments of lung cancer so they can change their lifestyles.

There were 4,525 lung cancer deaths in Africa in 2006. When you look at cars for sale you take every little bit of information into account, people in Africa need to start doing the same to reduce the amount of deaths caused by lung cancer.

Ensuring they work from serviced offices can reduce the risks of working in dusty working environments.

Getting the best web hosting available will improve your website traffic and up time, finding ways to improve quality of life and enabling everyone to have access to necessary medications can prevent lung cancer deaths.

Yoga mats offer a cushion when doing exercise, offering these lung cancer patients in Africa a cushion they can rely on will make all the difference and reduce the estimated 50% increase in lung cancer patients in the next 20 years.

A pull up bar is a great way to train. Finding ways to train the minds of remote villages in Africa to reduce their exposure to indoor pollutants, asbestos and filthy working environments can reduce the risk of lung cancer.