Three Ways to Prevent Lung Cancer

Today, lung cancer continues to headline the list of leading causes of death in many countries across the world. Fueled by the growth of lung cancer precursors like smoking and air pollution, it is not hard to picture out why more and more people are succumbing to the deadline grips of lung cancer.

Of course, like most diseases, there are steps that can be done to prevent lung cancer. For this, you do not need expert degrees in all sorts of high education programs. Most are apparent and obvious enough that even without the benefit of the best online MBA programs or MBA finance online degrees, one would be able to tell that this can help lower one’s risks for lung cancer.

Here are some of the easiest things you can adopt to lower your risks or ultimately prevent the onset of lung cancer.

1. Stop smoking cigarettes. If you are not a smoker, do not hang around your friends while they are smoking. According to study vouched for by many health experts including but not limited to those in MPH programs, and HCG drops experts, cigarette smoke leads the list of the most potent carcinogens that affect the lungs. Estimates say that about 87% of lung cancer deaths are primarily due to exposure to cigarette smoke.

Consequently, doctors argue that there is no such thing as “being too late to quit smoking.” When given the chance, the body automatically heals itself to try and reverse the damage caused by the carcinogens in cigarette smoke.

So try to stay away from the temptation to puff a cigarette whether out of habit or driven by stress. Many professionals from all fields including Masters in Accounting or makers or dreamweaver templates say that work-related reasons push them to take up cigarette smoking. By cutting this impulse in the bud, you stand a better chance of extricating yourself from the risk of lung cancer.

2. Be wary of the effects of outdoor air pollution. There are some cases where people with supposedly healthy lungs – runners for example who train in the city – find themselves afflicted with lung cancer. This is because outdoor air pollution can also carry carcinogens like organic chemicals or particulate matter. If you are working in a truly polluted city, take the time to wear a mask or close the window of your car on your drive to work to avoid inhaling polluted air. For this, you do not need an online information technology degree to point you in the right direction.

3. Watch out for the effects of indoor air pollution as well. If you think you will be safe from lung cancer if you stay inside a building, think again. Poorly ventilated indoor spaces can be more polluted than the outdoors. People who work round the clock with little breaks in between such as those who do ERP software programming or leeds work are susceptible to this kind of risk. Check with your office building manager if you have a program in place to track the level of indoor air pollutants in your workspace.

The pervasiveness of the potential causes for lung cancer does not respect any profession or location. Even those who work with logbook loans online can be afflicted with lung cancer if the proper steps are not done to prevent its causes. Keep yourself informed of the circumstances surrounding your work environment, your commute, or the habits of people you regularly hang out with so you can take the necessary steps to prevent lung cancer.